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This page will be used for emergency postings of new information that can not wait until the next newsletter.  Also, look for updates on the Reno Optimist website:

Optimist Club of Reno
Partners in Education with Sun Valley Elementary School

March 8th,  2010


President’s Corner:  It’s good to see our newsletter editor, Dale Howard, up and around again.  He recently underwent a second surgery for the removal of a toe within a month or so.  When I asked Dale recently “How’s your toe?”.  His reply was “It’s not there anymore!”  My reply “Dale, well how are the other three toes?”  Brilliant, yes?

I encourage all members to continue to provide items for the newsletter and the Optimist webpage to Dale.  He’s doing an excellent job but could always use more input from all of us.  Frank Shields  Co-President 2009-2010


The Optimist Club of Reno is 70 years old this year.  Our club will celebrate with a picnic on Saturday, June 12th at Bartlett Ranch from 10 am – 3 pm.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend along with your family.  Co-chairs, Linda and Charles Woodland, with lots of help from Diane Nielson and the rest of us are planning a top notch birthday bash.

Air Races 2009  Update LOT 1:  We worked out an agreement with the owners of our main lot, LOT 1, in late January for its use during the 2009 Reno Air Races.  We agreed to pay $4,000 for the use of the lot last year and $4,000 for its use again in September, 2010.  Knowing that the remainder of this lot is for sale (the western third has already been sold) we’re working with the Air Race people to find a lot inside the gate.  Paul Ferrari is the chairman for this effort.

LOT 2 this is the lot to the south of LOT1, owned by the Krupp Foundation.  Charles Woodland is the contact person for this effort. 

National Boy Scout Jamboree:  The Reno Optimist Board approved $250 to help defray expenses and the check has been presented to chairman, Tyler Clay.


Truckee Meadows Optimist Club:  The Reno Optimist Board approved $75 for our sponsorship at the June 17th, 2010 golf tournament at Red Hawk.  Golfers – They’re looking for players and/or volunteers.  More info at

Membership Happenings:  I recall Gene Autry singing” I’m back in the saddle again.”  Switch out the word HOSPITAL for SADDLE and you might have my life’s story.  Let’s see, just this year, I was there for Christmas, New Years Eve, and this last time Ginger’s birthday and Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps I should check my calendar and hide under a rock on special days.  DAMN, my brother’s birthday is this Thursday, March 11th.  I’m doing fine and greatly appreciated the Get Well card from the Club!!!

FUN SUNDAY SHOW & SHINE:  The Club approved to work with promoter, Steve Maitland, again this year but with a new twist.  Steve will do all the work setting up the car show, getting sponsors and everything else.  In return, he will give us 25% of the net proceeds.  An agreement between Steve and us is that the teachers and optimists will show up on Fun Sunday and help with cooking and sales of hamburgers and hotdogs.  Cleanup after the event will also be required.  Date and final location for this event has not yet been announced.

$50,000 project: was to have been a 70,000 water balloon fight with participants (6,000) paying $10 each to rollick in the proceedings.  This however was tabled due to the fact that the Club Cal-Neva, anticipated sponsor, had already made plans to host the same type of event with proceeds going to JDF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation).  Another project is in the works (community flea market).


FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES:  For individuals and organizations which are seeking funding for their projects and hence approach the Reno Optimist Club.  A database is being created whereby the seekers can be directed towards for additional funding.  One such place is PEPSI.COM.  Pepsi is giving out over $1 million dollars each month to worthwhile projects. The denominations are $5K, 10K, $25K, $50K and $250K.  The six categories are Education, Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet and Neighborhoods.  There are two winning projects for each denomination which are voted upon by visitors to the website.  For example, the number one project for February 2010 was SHIPPING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES TO THE TROOPS STATIONED OVERSEAS.  They received $5K which covered the cost of postage. The $5K was what the submitter had requested.  This information was shared with Christiana of KIDSCAPE PRODUCTIONS and Rhonda, principle of SunValley Elementary School.



Co-President 2009-10, Frank Shields – 322-1599

Co-President 2009-10, Robert Esperence – 356-8759

Editor, Dale Howard – 746-4952


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I can get us the following names for our website.  This would involve a $10.95 additional fee from the $2.00 I quoted before.

There would be a one  time set up fee of $10.00.

Yearly website fee would be        

$12.95   to create a .com domain name as listed below or we could bypass this fee altogether and use

$60.00  5 dollars a month for no ad website, 1 gigabyte of content

$72.95  Total as opposed to the $295 a year fee which we have been paying for the domain name with limited access


The Following are names for the website that are available:

or any other name that comes to mind






Hello Friends of KidScape!

We are proud to announce we are beginning classes in Las Vegas! This exciting opportunity wouldn't be possible without the support of the wonderful students, parents, teachers, administrators, and friends we have met over the years.

It is because of your support that we would like to ask for your help and advice. KidScape would love the opportunity to meet new schools and organizations during our expansion to Las Vegas. Anyone you know in the area is welcome to contact us about bringing KidScape to them! As you know, KidScape works with all ages, Pre-K and up, and we are ready to begin classes this March in Las Vegas!

Please help us get the word out. Interested schools, parents, and organizations can call Marissa Filippis, program director, at 775-842-6740 or email

For more information visit

See you in class!

Instilling Self Confidence Through Drama

Check out member's website which teaches kids how to achieve self-esteem and confidence through acting.

Christiana Frank



  • Understanding daily expressions
  • Social Interaction
  • Verbal Communication
  • Higher order thinking and concentration
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Team work
  • Coordination
  • Increased self confidence and self esteem
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Enthusiasm and a positive approach to life
  • Self Respect
  • Self Discipline

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