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There are two tools here to help you find that special someone in your life.  The first is a downloadable PDF file that will give you every category of things to choose from when looking for your perfect mate.  Let your SUBCONCIOUS create/find the person you are truly meant to be with.  There is someone for everybody!!!  The second is an HONESTY EVALUATIION which will let you know if you have hooked up with a scoundrel or not.  There are no fees involved so have fun.

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PDF files will require free ADOBE ACROBAT reader or FOXIT programs to bring up the file. PDF files may appear large so use size icon (125%) to (100%) or smaller to reduce viewable size.

Designing Your Own Mate gives you a list of attributes which you would like to find in a perfect mate.  You can pick and choose the things you want.  The list is pretty comprehensive and covers all categories.  But If you don't find one then add it to your list yourself.  The next step is to give this list to your SUBCONCIOUS MIND and let it go to work for you.  Believe me if this person exists you will undoubtily run into them sometime in the future, I promise.

Design Your Perfect Mate pdf

Honesty Evaluation title reads Applicant Screening which is created for businesses but the same itinerary applies to relationships personal/personnel. website link

Your Child's Brain In Love pdf


Non-invasive/ non-chemotherapy cancer therapy especially when dealing with BRAIN TUMORS! (website link)

Cancer Acidity Link pdf

PH Balancing pdf

More On Cancer Smoking Plus pdf / shark cartilage / chemotherapy - no hair loss

Cancer acidity link Dr. Gerber.pdf




Eat Right For Your Blood Type 02 pdf


01/28/11  NEW CANCER DEVELOPMENT...GRAVIOLA a new plant that is showing phenominal results with fighting all kinds of cancer.
UPDATE 07/30/2015 When I tested this link I noticed that the top part of the page was still functional and the bottom part pointed out that an error had occurred. Just click on TESTIMONIALS on the top portion to get to the testimonial section. The first testimonial is phenomenal as to the effect of GRAVIOLA.

Click here to go to GRAVIOLA information site.

01/28/11  Acai Berry research on the web.  Go to my amazonthunderwebsite look at ARTICLES and TESTIMONIAL links for further information concerning research on cancer benefits.  I am not sharing this to make money, as a matter of fact, there is a product sold at WALMART and SAM's CLUB "ACAI BERRY under $7" that has a high anti-oxident content and a similar ORAC rating as the higher priced items on this site.

Click here to go to ACAI BERRY information site.