In this 9 minute video they talk about NuSkin being represented in 48 markets. The number has risen to 52 markets. This video addresses products and their creation, as well as, the potential for you to take this new technology and help the world gain a new perspective when it comes to being/staying healthier and younger.  They also refer to an enzyme that enhances aging and the research behind a product that stops this enzyme dead-in-its-tracks.

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business strategy 9 min


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Should you desire to sign up under Diane, Dale or one of their down-line participants and become a Distributor your Distributor Information will be included on the HOME page (or if listings become too many a separate Distributors page will be created).   IT IS NOT REQUIRED THAT YOU UTILIZE THIS WEBSITE AND OTHER OFFERS LISTED.  Business cards (CHEAT AGING) can be made to reflect your information ($24/1000 includes shipping).  Hat's $17 and Men's T-shirts $9  XXL $11 / Female's $11  XXL $13  with your information  printed on them (does not include shipping / 2 hats-one T-shirt, ground shipping 14 days, approx $7.99).  If you have another business or work for a company and have a business/company card we will include that as one of our sponsors.