I have worked in an alcohol and drug rehab for teens and adults.  I've created simple programs that deal with abstaining from addiction and suicide.  But my true compulsion for helping others was further reinforced when I came upon the following article.

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Dale Howard




Coming to earth is much like selecting a college and choosing a course of study.  We are all at various levels of spiritual development, and we have come here in the stations that best suit our spiritual needs.  The minute we judge others for their faults or shortcomings, we are displaying a similar shortcoming in ourselves.  We don't have the knowledge to judge people accurately here.


As if to illustrate this principle for me, the heavens were scrolled back, and I saw the earth again.  This time my vision focused on a street corner in a large city.  There, I saw a man lying in a drunken stupor on the sidewalk near a building.  One of my guides said, "What do you see?"


"Why, a drunken bum lying in his wallow," I said, not understanding why I had to see this.


My guides became excited.  They said, "Now we will show you who he really is."


His spirit was revealed to me, and I saw a magnificent man, full of light.  Love emanated from his being, and I understood that he was greatly admired in the heavens.  This great being came to earth as a teacher to help a friend that he had spiritually bonded with.


His friend was a prominent attorney who had an office a few blocks away from this corner.  Although the drunk now had no recollection of this agreement with his friend, his purpose was to be a reminder to him of the needs of others.  I understood that the attorney was naturally compassionate, but seeing the drunk would spark him to do more for those who needed his means.  I knew that they would see each other, and the attorney would recognize the spirit within the man-and be moved to do much good.  They would never know their covenanted roles here, but their missions would be fulfilled nonetheless.  The drunk had sacrificed his time on earth for the benefit of another.  His development would continue and other things he might need for progression would be given him later.


I recollected that I, too, had met people who had seemed familiar to me.  The first time I met them I felt an instant closeness, a recognition, but hadn't known why.  Now I knew that they had been sent to my path for a reason.  They had always been special to me.


My escorts spoke again, bringing me out of my thoughts, and said that because I lacked pure knowledge I should never judge another.  Those who passed by the drunk on the corner could not see the noble spirit within, and so judged by outward appearances.  I had been guilty of this kind of judgment, silently judging others based on their wealth or outward abilities.  I saw now that I had been unjust, that I had no idea of what their lives were like, or, more importantly, what their spirits were like.


The thought also came to me, "For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good."  But even as this scripture came to me it bothered me.  Why do we have the poor with us?  Why couldn't the Lord provide everything?  Why couldn't he just prompt the attorney to share his money with others?  The guides broke into my thoughts again and said, "There are angels that walk among you, that you are unaware of."


I was puzzled.  The guides then helped me to understand.  We ALL have needs, not just the poor.  And all of us have made commitments in the spirit world to help each other.  But we are slow to keep our covenants made so long ago.  So the Lord sends angels to prompt us, to help us to be true to these obligations.  He won't force us, but he can prompt us.  We don't know who these beings are-they appear like anybody else-but they are with us more often than we know.


I didn't feel rebuked, but I knew I had clearly misunderstood-and underestimated-the Lord's help for us here.  He will give us all the help he can without interfering in our personal agency and free will.  We must be willing to help each other.  We must be willing to see that the poor are as worthy of our esteem as the rich.  We must be willing to accept ALL others, even those different from us.  All are worthy of our love and kindness.  We have no right to be intolerant or angry or "fed up."  We have no right to look down at others or condemn then in our hearts.  The only thing we can take with us from this life is the good that we have done to others.  I saw that all of our good deeds and kind words will come back to bless us a hundred fold after this life.  Our strength will be found in our charity.



My escorts and I were silent a moment.  The drunk was gone from my sight.  My soul was filled with understanding and love.  Oh, that I could help others as that drunk will help his friend.  Oh, that I could be a blessing to others in my life.  My soul reverberated with the final fact: Our strength will be found in our charity.



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