HONESTY DETERMINATION - Handwriting Analysis  - another source for getting at the TRUTH!!!

All submissions are for research purposes only.  Any indications of dishonesty merely raises question or doubt regarding the statement being analyzed and does not indicate guilt.  This process will support any suspicions already ascertained or point out individuals who may require further scrutiny.



  • Individual(s) should be seated comfortably at a table (normal occurrence - no clip board or other surface submissions)
  • Writing should be done with ball point pin or if they have their own favorite writing instrument use that.
  • Writing should be on plain paper (un-lined and/or not containing borders).
  • Individual should be instructed to write about their knowledge of what occurred, there whereabouts during the suspected time frame of the occurrence, and any other pertinent information.  If this is related to Insurance Fraud with lost or stolen items have the individual create a list of missing items.  Basically, depending on the type of investigation being conducted interrogator / investigator may be more specific as to what information they are seeking.
  • Individual should end their written statement with a sentence such as, "I did not ______ (mention of infraction:burglarize, steal, murder, assault, falsely report, etc.) and I have no Knowledge about it".
  • Repeat the above instructions for each individual in question (suspect) or who may in any way be associated with the occurrence.


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