Please enjoy these FACIAL EXERCISE video's (remember to click BACK ARROW to return to this page after viewing video).  One video is 1:06:00 long, you can advance the video to view what exercise you are particularly interested in. ENJOY and don't forget that the GALVONIC SPA and GELS produce the same effects, the exercises help maintain muscle texture between spa treatments!!!

***Facial Exercise

****Facial Yoga and Meditation - The Vitalitist

*****Muscles Don't End at the Neck

*****Faceworks Natural Facelift: Chin & Jaw Toner - lose your double chin and tone loose skin

****Facial Fitness Exercises

****Get A Free Facelift with Facial Exercises

****How to reduce bulky cheeks!!

****Basic Facial Exercises

*****Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks & Double Chin

****"How To Lose a Double Chin Fast"


Skin Care Regiment:  Go to this link to view all NU SKIN products. Click on a particular product you are interested in. Scroll down and click on the USAGE link.

I do have a PDF file with a FACIAL PRODUCT REGIMENT by another author who has their own product line. If you wish to receive a copy email me at and I will email it to you (7.4 MB).