The "Fountain Of Youth" Has Been Discovered!!!

 This website was set up as an information site so that an individual wouldn't have to search out video's on "YouTube" as the best ones are represented here.  Additional video's will be added as they become available. 


CHEAT AGING: What if you could regenerate your cells (skin/internal organs/brain) to act like those you possessed when you were 25 years old. NOW YOU CAN!  Download and watch this amazing 14 minute video or click on any of the videos listed below.

(PLEASE NOTE: This video is 86 megabytes, download time is between 8-10 minutes depending on your equipment download speed.  The video is in .wmv  and .vob (DVD) format and runs about 14 minutes in length. The video is slightly fuzzy but the AUDIO is EXCELLENT and THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON IT IS NOT SHARED ANYWHERE ELSE.

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 - Some of these videos are in a foreign language but the transformation/result pics are phenomenal.



1)  ageloc intro excellent - scroll down click on arrow to start video.

2)  you guess sisters / mother daughter

3)  galvonic treatment explained

4)  galvonic instruction excellent

5)  nuskin quick overview

6)  science of antiaging

7)  mitachondria

8)  supplements

9)   vitality HEAT MAP 1:02  excellent

10)  mouse trap - vitality

11)  excellent video reverse aging

12)  testimonials

13)  biophotonic scanner excellent

14)  galvonic scanner

15)  g3 8min

16)  g3 juice

17)  *ageloc products benefits


AgeLOC Vitality Mouse Video


Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Body Shaping Results

Actress Dana Delany & Nu Skin Transformation

Ageloc before / after (Beatles music)

ageLOC in the News

Galvanic Spa System on Fox News Atlanta

NEW BODY GALVANIC Hispanic but before after pics phenomenal excellent

Nu Skin's Vitality Product - Explained & Simplified vs Red Bull and other energy drinks excellent

Galvanic Body Spa Result

Galvanic Spa II Cellulite Treatment German but before after pics phenomenal excellent

Nu Skin Body Spa Galvanic Result 1

Galvanic body spa Before & After treatment

Nu Skin Body Spa Galvanic Result 2

NU-Skin Glvanic Facial Spa at the Hampshire Complementary Health Centre

Nu Skin Body Spa Galvanic Result 6


Nu Skin Distributor Explaination about AgeLoc ArNOX Skin Ca



ReishiMax GLp


reishimax mushroom immune system enhancement



ReishiMax anti-cancer immune booster - Nu Skin NuSkin Pharmanex –

Pharmanex Tegreen 97 - the most potent Anti-oxident suppliment


g3 training video


biotonic scanner training video



Diane Hemmert  



Dale Howard  

P.O.M.E.N.T. (Peace Of Mind, ENTerprises)



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